French parks, one park Taman Bunga Nusantara

tamanAfter a long curious sensation of air traveling solo, Sunday (26/10) I decided to visit Taman Bunga Nusantara (TBN) in Cianjur. At eight o’clock in the morning I departed from my place in Slipi, Jakarta, to the Tanah Abang Station. For the purpose of Bogor Station, my ticket tariff for RP 4500.00. I arrived at 10:00 am at the Bogor Station. Armed with information from the search results on Google, I ride public transportation Baranangsiang 03-Bubulak. Mean heart dropped at Terminal Baranangsiang. But on the way, a passenger asked the other passengers were apparently the Bogor. Incidentally he was asking the same route with my goals. People Bogor was then suggested that the passengers and me to stop at the junction where the mini colt majors Bogor-Cianjur ngetem. I paid RP $ 3000.00 to the transportation drivers. Duh, I forgot to ask the name of the street I stopped.
In the mini colt, I jostle with other passengers and asked for Rp 25,000.00. I heard a passenger complain overpriced fare. “The thugs” who memintai fare, not the driver, argued, “It’s a holiday.” I handed him the money RP $ 20,000.00 he says, “The market Cipanas,” immediately asked for enhancements, “Five thousand more, Neng. Far-near the same. “Duh, expensive correctly. However, the price of the tickets I can instantly understandable, as it turns out a long journey, two hours. Bogor cold breeze began to feel as mini colt entered the highway. The longer, the scenery changed to a view of the hills, a row of hotels and notice boards villa rental. Passing Cisarua, mini colt I was riding it past the peak of the tourist area.
At a T-junction before Cipanas market, which again I forgot to ask the name of the place, I was advised by a gentlemen sitting next to me to come down and ride public transportation-Mariwati Cipanas. After traveling less than half an hour, past the rocky road, I came upon a TBN at one o’clock. Not difficult to find this flower garden although’ve never been here before. For the cost of public transportation, I am subject to RP 4000.00.
Entering the area of ​​TBN, as a blogger, of course I immediately jeprat-snap, hehe …. Cars lined up nearly filled the parking area. Apparently tourist destinations in this remote place visited by many tourists. I think the number of visitors will not be that much.

The price of admission to the park is Rp 30.000,00. If you want to get around the park with the tram, just add Rp 10.000,00. Once in the area of ​​the park, visitors are immediately greeted by a long pool that feels soothing rush of water. Plus as far as the eye could see, green landscape and colorful flower unfolds. It was like entering another world. Hehe .. yes Animashaun. But it feels amazing to see the vast expanse of flowers and the flowers on the surface of the statues of animals such as dinosaurs and peacocks, giant in size anyway. Midday sun is not so pronounced in this park.

Not far from the pool greeter, I find road signs. Well, imagine the extent of President Soeharto inaugurated the park on September 10 1995 is. In this garden is to grow flowers from around the world. The extent of 23 acres and there are 49 point locations. Among the 49 point locations are gardens with different styles, such as Japanese garden, Mediterranean garden, garden french, bali garden, rose garden, palm garden, maze garden, American garden, and a water park. There is also a green house, children’s play area, picnic area, and a musical fountain. In addition, there are also restaurants and outlets hotdogs at some point. In this store I buy Minute Minude Pulpy Orange for Rp 10,000.00. Certainly there are points that I have not mentioned.


About write : Joni has been  Gardern over 2 years , his hobby is soccer sport , maintance livescore liga inggris website 

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Making Homemade Home Park

Making homemade home garden is part of the gallery pictures on Sample Photos Minimalist Home Garden Design with tags How to Make Home Garden, Home Garden Ideas, Concepts of Modern Garden, Front Garden Home, The Minimalist Garden at Home. For you who are currently looking for pictures from a variety of house design minimalist or do you currently collect data on images from the minimalist design of the house, here

we have it ready for you, hopefully the pictures we have provided will be useful for you all. Please direct only see one image of your choice below to make homemade home garden

PARK HOUSE MAKING HOMEMADE is one of the few examples of a picture or photo wallpaper from postings Example Picture House Minimalist Garden Design at Minimalist Design site, which is a website that discusses the Minimalist Home Design Latest Update On this page you can see a clear example of your photos Homemade Home Park.

In addition to making homemade home garden, you can also choose or to see some of the collection of photos a wide variety of other minimalist home design that you can click and view directly. Hope you can aided by the pictures we have show and serve specifically to you, Thanks for visiting and we hope you’ll benefit.






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How to Create Minimalist Garden

Minimalist-Garden-Style-to-Attract-VisitorsIn this blog gardener simply want to share the info how to grow plants with land that is not too large, this method can also to tastes combine minimalist house has a minimalist garden as well.

Composition or element to use the land with size 5X5 m2 or minimalist garden:
1. Use medium black soil with a thickness of 3-5 cm thicker is better, why black soil? because the black soil quality is better than the red soil.

2. After the black soil evenly we can plant grass, in addition to adding to the beauty of contour grass also can stabilize the soil when exposed to rain, weeks to the type of grass can be adapted to the type that we like, that kind of advice I use a mini elephant grass, apart form the leaves good for treatments not bother alias does not have to cut because of growing sideways,

3. To select the type of crop plants  only 1-2 trees, select plants according to environmental air conditions, hot conditions to areas that can be planted as rubber korea, fir shrimp, Samboja, yuca king etc. (The only suggestion I wrote , with adjust to taste), for which liltte bit cold air condition can be planted species of palms, cycads, ferns etc (just a suggestion).

4. Once we plugged poko plants decorate with plants around complementary, functions to add to the beauty of plants or trees poko main, complementary types of very many kinds of plants including squirrels, croton z, bromulia, tulips, pilodedron, spatuvilum, criminal, tongue-in-law, airis etc..

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How Plant Pachira In Pot


As an indoor plant pachira looks attractive when planted in a pot that is appropriate, in addition to plant it is not difficult treatment was fairly easy. Pachira seedlings were planted in pots should be derived from the first seed in the nursery for about 6 months, because seedlings from seed will produce a swollen stem base. In addition, the formation of the plant will be more easily twisted.

Planting in pots need pachira media rich in organic matter and porous. good medium for comparison aadalah 2: 2: 1 which consists of soil, manure, and sand. Can also add chopped stems of ferns.

The first step choose healthy seedlings and cob does not peel, then cut a little of the remaining roots. Similarly, the upper trunk, cut a few centimeters above the brown stems. This pruning will stimulate the branches and leaves.

Seedlings are ready can be planted directly in the media in the pot that has been provided, in order to look attractive media on the media can be added gravel or zeolite. After the flush to taste and place in the shade. Within 3-5 months the plant has become a beautiful decoration in pots.

Putting Trunk way Pachira

Unique impression we can show on the base pachira, one way or braided melilitnya, for this purpose use young plants 3-4 months old. First seeds placed inside the room for one week, with treatment plant stem so the stem becomes soft due to wilt.

Furthermore, take two or three plants earlier, these plants unite and tie bottom and intertwine as desired. Upon completion and tie back top, and cut a few centimeters of the following bonds. Having established pachira it can be replanted in pots.

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How to Treat Ornamental Plants


How to Treat Ornamental Plants
Sleek, beautiful, and interesting is always expected appearance of ornamental plants as a decoration at home and outdoors. Therefore, plants need extra attention and intensive treatment to keep them healthy and attractive appearance.

Crops as well as pets that need more attention, when we truly care with a passion, even the crops will respond by displaying the figure of a healthy, beautiful, and graceful way you expect.

In the treatment of ornamental plants that need to be done is memeperhatikan watering, pruning and repotting. And three things happen just when we want to propagate ornamental plants or membudidaykannya.

How Good Watering
The role of water in ornamental plants is very important because water elementselements that bring food for the plant through the root hairs. Unsure chaos that is dissolved in water moves from the roots to the leaves. In the leaf, this solution with carbonic acid gas forming foods further proposals circulating to all parts of the plant until the plant is not a sign of wilting and growth. Water is also useful 8ntuk time temperature control of hot air.

Life depends on watering plants, especially plants in the pot. When watering too late, the crops will wither and eventually die because of evaporation from the cells in the plant. Whereas if excess watering will also not good, because it can cause the roots can not breathe and become rotten.

Unlike the case when we are planting directly in the open ground, despite the lack of water can still survive because the soil is still plenty of food and water recommendations.

1. Water Quality
The water should not arbitrarily water, because water is brought seeds of disease which can threaten the survival of plants, such as water, river guaranteed not dsapat cleanliness.
Good water quality is well water, because in it contains nutrients needed crops. When using rain water or tap water should be suppressed in advance approximately 12-14 hours, after which the new can be used for watering.

2. Water Quantity
Watering should be done in the morning or afternoon. When watering plants, usahkan on all parts of the plant, especially the leaves. This crop looks so fresh, and so we recommend using spray water on plants can be subtle details that do not damage the crop.

Amount or quantity of ornamental plants watering depends on the type of crop and crop park. According to the type, there are plants that like wet media and wet spring. Whereas according to the location, when placed in the room did not memmerlukan many water plants indoors because penguapannya bit and when placed outdoors much needed water because evaporation occurs outside a lot.

Crops Must Stay Healthy

Plants placed in the room, preferably every 2 or 3 weeks once removed, because plants also need a breath of fresh air and put on a position exposed to the sun.

Crops and surroundings should be kept clean, watering or fertilizing container not scattered, because it can invite diseases.

In Crop Cultivation
On each plant requires nutrient elements between the different types of plants to one another then the application of fertilizer dose was different. Customize the application of fertilizer according to a predetermined dose of fertilizer available in finishes.

Example, on adenium plant fertilizer needed just a little. We suggest using Slow release fertilizer with a low dose. Slow release fertilizer is a kind of wrapped in a protective layer and dissolves a little bit when exposed to water splash of water. Thus, there is the risk of over dosage aka tone.

Pest and Disease
Pests: aphids, caterpillars, thrips, white flies, and fungi

Lice leaves, the signs become dwarf plants, dried leaves or curled leaves and weak stems. How to fix it, remove plants that do not invade other plants, clean the leaves with warm water once a week and spray with appropriate medication and dosage crops.

Worms, signs leaf worm holes and a lot of dirt around. How to fix it, destroy the worm and clean crops from weeds, weeds that can invite worm.

Thrips, the signs will crop failure in the form of interest and eventually fall out, the spots on the leaves, and leaf blister then loss. How to fix it, clean it with warm water plant, then spray the affected area with the drug mites according to its kind once a week.

White Flies, signs baigian surface and back into the black bag and there was a crowd of ants. This flies laying their eggs under the leaves diprtmukaan. How to overcome this problem, the ant is destroyed, then the crop cleaned with soapy water or warm water and sprayed with an appropriate remedy.

Mushrooms, the signs seem withered crops, crown loss, curly leaf buds, and stem and root rot. How to fix it, which damaged parts removed, then replaced with a composition of planting media is right, and sprayed with something that fits with the crop.

The pruning
Benefits for pruning ornamental plants very many impacts, among which are:

Some branches of the plant expression to beautify the appearance of the plant.
Growth of stems and flowers will look compact.
Can trigger the emergence of new flowers to enhance the charm of the crop.
To avoid pests and disease, because it can break the cycle of the mite.

Repotting is succession planting media, this would be done on media that are planted in pots because when not replaced then plant growth will be hampered. That is because the plant is too sour Kedia or roots that already meets the pot.

Replacement planting media for annual crops is done 9-12 months, whereas for seasonal crops done 3-4 months. Time of planting media replacement should be done in the afternoon, when the day doing a shady place.

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The story of Edelweiss

ede1Edelweiss is a flower that would have been familiar to the activist nature hiking, because the flowers of this perennial is currently only able to grow big in the height of the mountain and requires full sun. This beautiful flower is familiar with the climbers and inspired many people through the beauty and timelessness of the display. No wonder that this flower is called a perennial flower, because it blooms in a long time.

Edelweiss flower original or often called the Everlasting Flower is actually the Leontopodium interest that exists only in the Alps, not flowers Edelweis Java or Anaphalis javanica. But what power already, because this is the real interest rate is a yellow powder within 1-3 days after bloom will fall off, leaving only the petals.

Durable petals that often dicolong by the mountaineers. And they finally missed because only bring eternal flower petals. Edelweiss flower is endemic species of flowering plants are found in mountainous areas in Java, South Sumatra, South Sulawesi and Lombok.

urlEdelweiss flower that likes full sun is the size of an adult can reach 8 feet in height, but generally only reach a height of less than one meter. Edelweiss flower commonly seen between the months of April to August, which in late July-August is the best bloom phase.

Edelweiss flower (Anaphalis javanica) is very popular among travelers. This flower is dried and sold as souvenirs. This condition causes the plant species is experiencing scarcity. In the region of Mount Bromo Tengger East Java, this plant is considered extinct. The numbers continued to decline to make these plants are protected in the National Park of Mount Gede Pangrango, West Java. Prohibition to pluck this flower clearly displayed, but often times difficult to avoid picking Edelweiss flower of hands the hands of ignorant who try to smuggle such interest.

The good news, interest Edelweis Java (Anaphalis javanica) are now widely cultivated by farmers in the Dieng Plateau in Central Java. These farmers cultivate by planting saplings were grown from seed and spread around the mother tree and planted in upland areas over 1000 meters above sea level, in chalky or sandy clay with pH (soil acidity) between 4-7.

Indomitable will and consciousness of us to make Edelweis remain a perennial flower and grows in the wild. Leave him there to welcome the beautifully climbers. Keep Edelweis from the heart.

Edelweiss (sometimes written Eidelweis) or Edelweis Java (Javanese edelweiss) also known as the Eternal Flower has a Latin name Anaphalis javanica, is a plant endemic alpine zone / montana in various high mountains of Indonesia. This plant can reach a height of up to 8 m with a trunk reaching for the human foot, although generally not exceed 1 m.

Behind the beauty of the edelweiss flower apparently saved a myth, in which those who gave flowers to his partner, then his love will be eternal. Not a few lovers who make this perennial flower become one special gift for his partner. That said, it was meant to be a lasting love.

Mmm .., if you talk about the myth is indeed difficult, although sometimes it does not make sense. But on the other hand, when the position we have become a victim, on the contrary, The Myth able to beat a logic and belief“. Do not believe? Try it tanyain to your friends about this. Or maybe some of you have a separate story about this myth.

Who does not know the edelweiss flower, or a lot of people who give the term with perennial flowers. If seen from the shape of this flower is very beautiful, and the beauty behind it is stored or mythical meaning that pretty much believe it. It took a struggle to get it, because this one flower usually grows in the tops or slopes.

Therefore you can imagine how difficult it is to be able to pluck the flowers of this perennial. People say, To get a beautiful edelweiss flower, the greater the risk faced“, because the life is the challenge. Given that the edelweiss flower has become a rare and protected flower, raids also one of the risks that must be borne.

But .., phenomena that exist today it requires us to be wise and make the common thread that remains edelweiss flower as if if a release thirst when we stand at a high peak, where around us is this perennial flower beds. Save Edelweis!

So, if your girlfriend asks, Why are you (suddenly) do not like the edelweiss flower? Is not that perennial flowers that can make us immortal love as the edelweiss flower? . Search for other reasons aja deh, ya .. maybe you can say, Flower was too beautiful for me ..“, “I can not bear to see it, because only this interest peaks and valleys in the mountains to be beautiful ..“, or, we Love will be more beautiful and enduring interest if you give .. . For those who believe that the edelweiss flower could make you immortal love, it would be wise if you just let it grow and perennial flowers fit into place.

You will never get eternal love (from perennial flower), but it is true love (also not of a flower Edelweis). And you just will not get both if you do not believe that you are currently feeling.

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